AAAperto is the result of the activity to design and run exhibitions and events for contemporary art of the Associazione Culturale Museo di Aggius onlus, which has already created and runs the Museum of Aggius.
The Association has been working since 2004 also in the organization and running of exhibitions and events of contemporary art whose characteristic is to be inspired, suggested, and influenced by the place in which they are born.
It all began with the stay in Aggius by Maria Lai who began to knot her threads with ours and to adorn the spaces of the MEOC and the historic center with her works, exhibitions and events.
Her stays and works have opened the way which we still follow.
Many important artists (Giovanni Campus, Rosanna Rossi, Zaza Calzia… and many others) over the years have stayed in Aggius and worked there, letting the places, the people, the culture, the traditions, the colors and the perfumes, be a source of inspiration for their works. Each artist has come into contact with this village and its inhabitants, stories and legends, its songs, food and wine, and has come to know the artisans who work there and interacted with them.
Finally, each artist has given us their point of view, from the part of art that we offer to citizens and visitors so that they can consider this village and its territory also from this perspective.

The works that each artist has left have been gradually exposed, according to the intention for which they were created, in public places because everyone, citizens, guests and visitors can enjoy it passing through the ancient streets of the village.
In this way the Museum of Contemporary Art AAAperto has been formed over the years, which constitutes the third seat of the Museum of Aggius and which has now required an important intervention to give order, to make it organic and to provide a systemic way to make it easily usable.
For your visit you can easily and simultaneously follow three parallel routes that start from Piazza Alvinu and enter the historic center:

– To be, is to Weave by Maria Lai
– Where there is a thread there is a track (photography)
– Contemporary art


Our hope is that AAAperto  can harmoniously grow over the years, always welcoming artists who can find inspiration and place for their art, citizens and visitors interested in it.

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