Aggius is one of the oldest and most characteristic villages in Alta Gallura (Sardinia).

Awarded by the Italian Touring Club with the award of “Orange Flag” Aggius is part of “authentic villages of Italy”. Its countryside surprises and enchants, its location at the foot of a ring of spectacular granite mountains are characterized by massive smooth rocks and varied, rich in natural sculptures and monumental caves tafonate.

The town is surrounded by beautiful nature, characterized by forests of oak trees and Mediterranean vegetation, wildlife parks and ponds, nuraghi and megalithic circles, is the ideal base for all trips that can not overlook the famous “Valley of the Moon“.

foto panoramica di Aggius, in Gallura, Sardegna

Its historic center is an open-air museum: The old town is well preserved with its streets and typical houses of granite blocks, churches, fountains and the characteristic angles that give the visitor an unforgettable sight. MEOC the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of banditry offer a pleasant and interesting dive into the culture and traditions of the Gallura region of Sardinia and then.

Aggius is the center that has kept alive the more refined techniques of other crafts as the cork and granite, the goldsmith’s art of filigree, carpet weaving, still made by hand on wooden looms, a time heritage of the whole Gallura. I’m still very practiced traditions such as dancing, singing (Polyphonic Choir for 5 voices) the celebration of Holy Week, open-air festivals.

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