Museum MEOC

The biggest in Sardinia, a true “treasure” of the island, a suggestive structure in the amplitude of the exhibition spaces and the special care with which it was made, who masterfully integrates the majesty of granite, with green spaces and exposure museum that embodies all the richness of the history, traditions and popular culture Gallura, from 1600 to the present day.

uno degli ambienti del museo MEOC di Aggius, in Sardegna

In faithful reconstruction of the “traditional house”: Period furniture and everyday objects and a path through the activities of the domestic economy and food production (wine, bread, cheese, oil of mastic …)

Travel through the beautiful costumes in the forms and colors of the party.

In the background the typical choral singing Aggius (also dear to D’Annunzio) which are offered the most beautiful songs.

Ancient crafts: Working cork and granite, but also the blacksmith, the shoemaker, the carpenter.

Presentation of tools archaic work, the techniques of preparation of typical fabrics and the phases of preparation of the wool, among which “warping” and the coloring of the yarn with herbs.

particolare degli attrezzi utilizzati per lavorare il granito, esposti nel museo di Aggius, in Sardegna
donna che realizza il tipico tappeto di Aggius

The MEOC hosts: the “Permanent Exhibition of the carpet Aggese” Valuable artifact known throughout the island, but very well known and appreciated in Italy and abroad. In the large room of the texture you can watch the demonstration and explanation of this ancient art with the help of the weavers in the conduct of wooden frames.

On an annual basis is set up a “Temporary Show” on issues of tradition, customs, land, art. Congress Hall: watching movies on the territory of local customs and cultural and historical insights. Entertainment magazines: Exhibitions, Conferences, Concerts, Performances Choir and Ballet Aggius.

A particular mention “laboratories” that can benefit by reservation groups and schools. Highly sought after and popular are the laboratory of the bread of the festival, stages of wool processing including natural color, texture, ancient road games, the laboratory reconstruction of tailoring with rag dolls, beautiful handwriting, on herbs and cures.

Ticket: € 4,00 (full entry), € 3,00 (reduced entry) > duration: 40 min – 1 hour

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